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Hi there !!!

As most of you would have known that I’ve begin this blog most recently to update all of the interesting adventure which would i’ve come across in my life and online, so if you are interested and would like to x change link with my site , kindly leave the following details in the comments box as below 😉

> Your name , contact number and email address

> Your Site URL : eg : http://www.yoursitename.com

> Description about your site

This goes the same if you would like to promote your product and services through my site for FREE , you may leave the following necessary detail as below

> your name , contact number , email address , residency

> summary towards your product and services which you would like to offer .


Well as you read above, I’ve requested you to drop me your following details in the comments box as below if you would like to exchange link with me , but some of you out there who is quit new to the online world might wonder what is exchange link is all about?

Well, to  make it simple and clear for your basic understanding , x-change link is basically about exchanging your site or your url address  such as your website , blog , social media , forum or anything related with you which own by you with another site .

With this you would have your site url address to be listed in the another blog.


Now after reading through what is exchange link is all about, you might also wonder why is x-change link is important for you ?

Well, the answer towards that is , to have traffic or in another words customer to come to your site , you would need your site to be highly ranked in SEO ( search engine optimization ) and this does not happen automatically just by you opening a blog or website, you need to have a content full attractive site with lot of other site link to them to have your site to be listed in SEO such as Google, Yahoo, Bing , MSN


Well, with x-changing your link or url with another site , you can get  your site listed in their site such as mine, with this the traffic from my site would probably come and visit your site and vice versa. With this , both our site could be highly ranked by the SEO and they can list our site in their list


SAVE MONEY & MAKE MONEY – Yes, you read it right!!!. Now, when you had your site to be listed in those SEO ranking for instant if you have a site to “make money online ” , and if someone would like to know on how to make money online ? and click search in on of the SEO listed such as Yahoo, Google , MSN and so on, your site might would be one of the top 10, this brings tons of probability for you to make money online as your site has been given attention by the search engine , so if you sell something in your blog and the reader, reads it and interested with it , and choose to buy it.. BOOM BOOM !!! you get some money there !!! Isnt great? Just simple way..


Now , this is a question for you, only you could answer this. Almost everybody either high cooperate or hawker always choosing and seeking for an additional way to increase their source of income , wither one way or another . Now, I know how interesting would it be to have profile at tagged, Friendster, face book or so on as I’ve one too, but at the same time , if you could find your self a free added up income wouldn’t that SOUND GREAT TO YOU ???

Well, I’m not sure about you, but I’m definitely up to it, after all, the world is changing more to globalization and added up to current trends is upmost important , So if you are interested to X-CHANGE LINK with me , Kindly leave the following details above (in blue) into the comments box as below 😉

Regards !!!

Reena Mathur 😉


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