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Free Easy Way for You To Manage Your Blog

November 18, 2009




Blogging has been very welcoming and interesting nowadays in the modern world , where you as individual able to start up a blog either for your own personal purpose or for other specific reason..

Despite what you reason might be , blogging has been one stop easy access platform where you can have your voice heard and valued with being

Though so, I’ve come across that many other’s have lot’s of passion in blogging under various topic and own more than one blog site but then have difficulty time in updating their post on frequent basis.

Now, what have i come across which I’’ll like to share among those of you who have passion and desire towards blogging but then having difficulty in finding easy way to express their passion without much of hassle.

This is specifically a writing tool which is quit easy and convenient to be used for and available for  free on the site at the moment (I’m not sure about the future ), the tool I’m talking about would be Windows Live Writer. Below would be the screenshot on how would it look like in your screen if you install and start to using it, for your view .


Well, i have been using this tool for a while now, and i found it has been very satisfying and easy to use tool.

You can download this free tool by clicking here or (right click and select open in new tab, if you would like to download and continue read my blog post.)

I’m having this post basically to those out there who used to think, it’s hard to have a blog or managed a blog.., well as in this post i have covered on how to use blogging tool simple, easy and for free, with this , i hope there is many of you out there would give it a shot on start to blog..

Kindly leave me your valuable comments and feedback towards this post.


Reena Mathur.